Páteo da Aldeia


Culture and Tradition

Municipal Archeology Museum: Housed in the former Town Hall building, this museum has a temporary exhibition room and a permanent archaeological exhibition, designed with representative objects from the county's history from Prehistory to the 17th century.

São Sebastião Chapel (Museum of Sacred Art): Originally built in the 16th century, as evidenced by the Manueline-style side door, the São Sebastião Chapel was rebuilt in the first half of the 18th century, having been of an important architectural renovation.
On the façade, an interesting Baroque-style portal is profusely ornamented with volutes.
The chapel is a small temple with a single nave, which currently houses a museum of sacred art that brings together a significant collection, from churches in the municipality of Albufeira.

Paderne Castle: Paderne Castle is one of the seven castles symbolized by the crimson band that surrounds the white shield on the corners of the National Flag.
Built in the 12th century by the Arabs, it was conquered in 1280 by D. Paio Peres Correia. It is an excellent example of Muslim military architecture, with a rammed earth construction that was badly damaged by the 1755 earthquake.

Igreja Matriz de Albufeira: This church, built at the end of the 18th century, is one of the most relevant examples of neoclassical architecture in the Algarve.
On the façade, the triangular pediment and three large windows stand out. with a stonework frame with a semicircular arch.

Igreja de Sant’Ana: A small church from the 18th century, it has a single nave with a chancel covered by a dome. The façade has a pediment decorated with volutes and flanked by pinnacles.
Inside, the highlight is the polychrome carved altarpiece found in the chancel and which, like the pulpit and side altars, was designed in the second half of the century. XVIII, according to the rococo style.

Gastronomy For those who visit the region, it is mandatory to know the traditional cuisine. from fish, shellfish to sweets with almonds, figs, carob and oranges from the Algarve, there are many dishes to try in the restaurants or taverns scattered throughout the region. Not forgetting the arbutus brandy or the fruit liqueurs after the meal.


As the Algarve is one of the best destinations in Europe, we cannot fail to mention Golf.

The layouts of the fields, most of them designed by international architects, together with the fantastic landscape in which they are inserted, satisfy the requirements of the most demanding fans, marking the region as a privileged destination for the practice of this modality.

Next to Páteo da Aldeia are located the following courses: Salgados Golf, Pine Cliffs Golf, Dom Pedro Millennium Golf Course, Vila Sol Golf, and many more.

Nature and Landscape

Nature's diversity is definitely one of the greatest riches of the Algarve.

From the coast to the Algarve mountains, there is a world to discover as well as countless activities that you can do outdoors, from:
• Hiking along the Algarve coast or the mountains
• Visits to Natural Parks
• Bird Watching
• Observation of the Fauna and Flora of the Algarve
• Dolphin and Whale Watching
• Horse Rides
• Bike tours
• Balloon Rides
• Jeep and all-terrain tours
• Jeep-Safaris
• Visits to Algarve caves and boat trips
• Mini-cruises